1984 - 2013: Celebrating 29 years in business

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Angel Company!


Alex drew this angel when
he was 4 yrs old

Copyright © Information and Company Policy: All Illustrations available from ALEXTAMPING are original designs drawn by Karen and Carlos Canto.

These designs are protected by copyright ©. What this means is that you can use the hand-stamped images as you like, for personal cardmaking or even to sell the finished hand-stamped project.

What this also means is that you CANNOT reproduce these images in any fashion other than HAND-STAMPING without our written consent.

Please do not photocopy or scan/download into your computer or take to a printer any of our designs.

Please respect our copyright ©...
Selling our art on rubber stamps is how we make a living.

It's also bad karma to "steal".
If this is not clear, or you have other questions, please contact us

Home | Angel Company| About Us

All Imagery and graphics are the sole property of Alextamping.com & Karen Canto, copyright © 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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